BeST Webinars

Webinar #1: Leveraging knowledge of human behaviour for more sustainable tourism
👉 In this first webinar, we illustrate the fundamentals of the behavioural approach. You will discover the mechanisms of our brain when we take decisions, and why this is relevant to shape better public policies and services.
Webinar #2: Using behavioural sciences to address tourism’s most current challenges
👉 In this webinar, we take a behavioural lens to look at the most current challenges of the tourism sector. With several examples coming from businesses and destinations, we explore the application of behavioural science to tourism sustainability.
Webinar #3: From knowledge to practice: a behavioural method to solve a tourism issue
👉 In this third webinar, we take you through real case examples of how the 5 stages TEST (Target, Explore, Solution, Trial, Scale) methodology by BIT could be applied to understand and help solve a tourism-related challenge.

Webinar #4: The behaviour-smart future for tourism
👉 In this webinar, we look at the future. What would happen if a destination, a food service provider, an experience provider or a travel technology provider adopt a behavioural approach to improve the sustainability of their operations?