A community of practice about the application of behavioural sciences to tourism sustainability

Case Studies

  • Encouraging bike sharing

    Choices in modes of transport have important implications for public health and air quality. In this context, cities around the world are investing in bike share systems. While the growth in bike share journeys is impressive, globally, lots more needs to be done for cycling to take up a bigger share of journey modes. In 2019, the…

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  • Encouraging plant-based food choices

    What we eat has important impacts on the environment.  In particular, livestock production for meat and dairy products is a disproportionate contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation and fresh water use. Shifting consumers’ diets to include more plant-based foods and less meat can help limit these impacts. In 2018, the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) worked…

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  • Optimising Environmental Footprint of Hotel Operations

    One of the ways to optimise environmental footprint of hotel operations is to switch default options for choices such as towel changing and room cleaning. As part of its efforts to minimise unnecessary consumption of water, energy and detergents, Hotel Internazionale had transitioned to not changing towels on daily basis by default. However, the housekeeping…

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