The BeST project aims to gather the first community of practice about the application of behavioural sciences to tourism. 

Many of the past, current and future challenges related to tourism sustainability are closely linked with behaviours: the behaviours of visitors before, during and after their stay, the choices of destination managers when they decide how to promote their tourism site, the orientations of policy makers when it comes to tourism development and the attitudes of residents. 

In this context, the application of behavioural sciences to the planning, management and promotion of a destination has a huge potential. 

BeST is an Erasmus+ project which will create a space where to gather and share knowledge and practices related to behaviour-based measures in the tourism sector and beyond.

The BeST partners will develop:

A virtual space for the community of practice, through a dedicated LinkedIn group;

A living knowledge base devoted to the application of behavioural insights to tourism sustainability

A cycle of webinars hosted by our experts, aimed for knowledge sharing and peer to peer learning.

Our Partners

AViTeM – Agence des Villes et Territoires Méditerranéens durables (lead partner)

AViTeM is a cooperation agency that develops projects related to sustainable urban and territorial development in Europe and in the Mediterranean. In the field of tourism, AViTeM is involved in projects related to tourism flows management, and leads another project applying behavioural sciences to tourism: Nudge My Tour

Contact person: Giulia David – g.david@avitem.org


BehaviorSMART is a specialised provider of knowledge-driven solutions for the tourism industry informed by the most current advances in behavioral sciences. Members of the BehaviorSMART team are recognised as leading experts in the area of applying behavioral science to advance sustainability and climate action in tourism.

Contact person: Milena Nikolova – milena@behavior-smart.com

Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) France

BIT is one of the leading agencies applying behavioural insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver positive results for people and communities. In France, BIT has been working on a diverse portfolio of projects spanning the sectors of health, labor, early childhood, environment and tourism.

Contact person: Claire Dale – claire.dale@bi.team