Behavioral science applied beyond tourism

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When we move things, rather than people, around efficiently, no feelings need to be taken into account. Planning can be mathematically optimized without any consideration of psychology. For centuries, transport has been a battle of ideologies: the utilitarians versus the romantics. One side strives to optimize journeys against quantifiable measures while the other nostalgically recounts the joys of travel.

Activity tightly regulated by governments has been disrupted more than has behaviour reflecting individuals’ choices

Sustainability Trends Report 2021 identifies tipping points across the landscape of sustainability that set the scene for COP26 and the post-pandemic recovery – from the mainstreaming of net zero to action on social equity, and the rise of clean technologies and natural solutions.

When they wake up on a Saturday morning to find rain coursing down the windows of their Gothenburg apartment, four-year-old Enja Bäckström and her six-year-old brother Charlie often still want to go out to play.