Work in progress

This page will include articles, publications, videos, journal papers and other resources about the application of behavioural sciences to topics related to travel and tourism sustainability.

We are regularly updating this page with additional resources.

Nikolova, M., Behavioral Economics for Tourism. 1st Edition. Perspectives on Business and Policy in the Travel Industry. Academic Press (2020) LINK 

Smart Ways – A manual with behavior-smart solutions for increased profitability and sustainability in the tourism industry. Västmanland Tourism, 2019 LINK 

Behavioural Economics – Getting service providers and travellers to choose sustainable options. World Travel and Tourism Council, Harvard University, 2021 LINK 

Overtourism’? Understanding and Managing Urban Tourism Growth beyond Perceptions” – UNWTO, 2018 LINK 

Behavioural science and Nudge: what potential for a better management of tourism flows? – AviTeM, 2021 LINK